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The settings on the Partial tab allow you to terminate a chamfer at a specific distance along an edge. You create a partial chamfer by defining the location of end vertexes along an existing chamfer edge, and the start vertex is created automatically. After clicking a point on an edge to define the end point, you can change the driven dimension type to To End distance from end of edge to end of chamfer , To Start distance from start of edge to start of chamfer , or Chamfer chamfer length , using the new Set Driven Dimension drop-menu.

The default driven dimension type is To End. A security alert displays when you run a rule Inventor detects to be potentially unsafe. You can choose to run the rule as safe or not run the rule. If you select Run the rule the iLogic Security Advisor displays where you can access the iLogic Security dialog box for additional options for managing unknown code.

All , Manufacturing. Reference Future newer Versions of Inventor Part and Assembly Files You can now work with others who are on versions of Inventor that are earlier or later than the version Shrinkwrap and BIM Content Enhancements Shrinkwrap tools have been enhanced for more control, improved user interface, and an improved workflow. The following are highlights of those improvements: Access: Shrinkwrap is Drawing Open Enhancements The following changes occur in the lower section of the File Open dialog box: The Find command is accessed via an icon in the lower left section What can we help you with?

The following are highlights of those improvements: Access: Shrinkwrap is In drawing views, a delay has been added to the view update when you are editing If you do not want to wait for the preview, click Cancel to halt the preview process and close the Preview dialog box. The Preview option is unchecked and the view displays as a bounding box. You can continue to interact with the entire dialog box, changing documents, representations, view display and so on.

To reactivate a preview, click the checkbox for the preview option. When working with mesh objects in a drawing view, you may observe the following: Selection mode must be set to Feature Priority to access mesh objects. Mesh bodies are kept in browser folders. And integrated Model Based Definition has been added to give you the ability to add Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerencing and 3D Annotations to your models to streamline documentation and enable downstream use of your 3D designs for manufacturing and quality processes.

The integrated Tolerance Advisor checks the health of your tolerance scheme and lists potential problems, errors, and other information in the Tolerance Advisor browser. For details, see: Model-Based Definition. Multibody sheet metal parts now support unique rules and thickness for each body. Multi-body rules can be applied to bodies in the browser, or while creating new bodies within the Face, Contour Flange, Contour Roll, and Lofted Flange dialog.

For details, see: Sheet Metal Updates. All documents benefit to some degree, but the most noticeable improvements are seen when working with large assemblies and large assembly drawings.

For example:. For details, see: Productivity and Performance Enhancements. For details, see: Drawing Open Enhancements. Inventor delivers new capabilities for mechanical engineers who work with a variety of design data. Surface data can be combined with your other 3D data in the Presentation environment for animations, exploded views, and documentation. In addition to outside data, Inventor helps you work with other Autodesk file formats.

BIM Content workflows allow for direct publishing of Revit. DWG Underlay has been improved to streamline workflows when integrating your 2D data inside of 3D designs.

With the release of Inventor Support for displaying and documenting mesh objects is added to drawing views. Mesh objects participate in all view types and can be dimensioned and annotated. For details, see Drawing support for Mesh Objects.

Shrinkwrap tools have been enhanced for more control, improved user interface, and an improved workflow. You can leverage View and LOD representations to quickly define lightweight models.

BIM Content has been enhanced for simplification, authoring, and publish workflows. Inventor lets you publish directly to IFC and Revit.

On clicking the Assembly option, the Assembly environment is displayed. An assembly file contains the assembly of various parts created in Inventor. For example, you can save the assembly model of motorbike in the form of assembly file in Autodesk Inventor. You will learn more about the assembly files and Assembly environment, later in the book. The Drawing option is used to create the 2D representation of the model created in Part or Assembly environment of Autodesk Inventor.

You will learn more in the later chapters. The Part option is used to create the part file for any real-world model. A real-world model means a model that can be manufactured. Although, you can create unreal objects in Autodesk Inventor but that is not the purpose of this Software, for creating those objects you should use animation software. The Presentation option is used to create 3D representations of the model for presentation to the client.

The Create New File dialog box will be displayed; refer to Figure If you select the English folder then the templates with English units Feet and Inches will be displayed in the right of the dialog box. If you select the Metric folder from the left of the dialog box then the templates with Metric units Meters, Millimeters will be displayed in the right of the dialog box.

Here, we will discuss the procedure to open a file by using the Open option from the File menu. The File menu will be displayed. The Open cascading menu will be displayed; refer to Figure There are various options in Open cascading menu to open a file. The procedure of opening file by using each of the option is given next. The Open dialog box will be displayed as shown in Figure The Open dialog box will be displayed similar to the one displayed in previous topic. So, browse to the desired AutoCAD file and click on it.

The file will open in the layout mode which we will be discuss later in the book. Just like other Autodesk products, Autodesk Inventor gives you access to the library of standard parts like, Gear, bearing, connector etc.

The procedure to open parts from Content Center is given next. The Open from Content Center window will be displayed; refer to Figure In some of the cases, you will be asked to select the size of component like in Figure Vault is a network storage for Autodesk files.

To use Autodesk Vault, a Vault server must be established to client users. In our case, a server is already setup by using Autodesk Vault Server application and we are client. The steps to use Vault are discussed next. The Log In dialog box will be displayed; refer to Figure You will be logged in to the Vault. The Select File from Vault dialog box will be displayed; refer to Figure Many times, importing reduces lots of extra work of rebuilding the base sketch for Inventor models.

The Import dialog box will be displayed as shown in Figure If there is any configuration saved with the file then it will appear in the Configuration drop-down. Select the desired options and click on the Next button. Once the preview is as per your requirement, click on the Next button from the dialog box. The Import Destination Options dialog box will be displayed; refer to Figure If you need a 3D model to be imported from the AutoCAD drawing file then select this check box and specify the relevant parameters.

If you want to import the file in different unit then select the Specify Units radio button from the area and select the desired unit from the drop-down below the radio button. The view will be placed at the center of the drawing sheet; refer to Figure Also, the tools related to drawing view will be displayed in the Ribbon.

We will discuss these tools later in the book. The Open Document dialog box will be displayed as shown in Figure The Import dialog box will be displayed; refer to Figure If you select the Reference Model radio button then you cannot make changes in the model imported. You can use it in your inventor model as referenced, make more features on it and can be used in assembly and drawing as well. On selecting the Reference Model radio button, the options related to Object filters will be displayed with Inventor Length Units drop-down.

Select the check boxes for objects to be imported from the Object Filters area and select the desired unit from the Inventor Length Units drop-down. After selecting this radio button, specify the name of converted file in the Name edit box and similarly, set the location of the new file. The Individual option is used to create individual surfaces of the model whereas selecting the Composite option will create a combined surface feature.

The options in the dialog box will be displayed as shown in Figure The objects of the selected model will be displayed refer to Figure The object will be displayed in the modeling area. Saving file is as important as planting trees in backyard!! Jokes apart, its very important to save the model created so that you can reuse it later. There many options in Autodesk Inventor to save files. These options are discussed next.

The Save option is used to save the active file. This option is available in the Save cascading menu of the File menu. The procedure to use this option is given next. The file will be saved by specified name in the selected location.

The Save All option does the same as the Save option do, but it saves all the open files. The Save As option is used to save the file with new name and at different location. The operation of this tool is same as the operation of Save option for the first time. The Save Copy As option is used to save another copy of the current file. Note that if you select the Save Copy As option, then the file will be saved with another name but it will not open in Inventor automatically.

Similarly, you can use the Save Copy As Template option from the Save As cascading menu to save the current file in template format for reuse. The options in the Export cascading menu of File menu are used to create alien matter. I mean it. Okay, getting back to software terms, the options in the Export cascading menu are used to save the inventor files in native format of the other software like, you can save the file for Pro-E, CATIA, AutoCAD, and so on; refer to Figure The Image option in the cascading menu is used to save images of the model.

After making the model and export it to image format by using this option. Now, you can get beautiful print of the model which can be your company product and stick it to the wall.

Yes, you are right! Printing and sticking posters at wall is beyond the scope of this book. The procedure to use the Image option is given next.

A very familiar, Save As dialog box will be displayed; refer to Figure The current model in the modeling area will be saved in the image with background. PDF is one of the most popular document format. Due to its compact size and easy handling, this format can also be used in presentations of models. Note that the pdf created will be just like image that we created in previous topic. Although, iges and other CAD portability formats are useful data for engineers and designers but they are not useful data for marketing.

For market executives, there is requirement of a format by which they can display important features of model with some dimensions.


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