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All instructions are located within the book, even those pertaining to the practice files from the CD, which means that you can even use your own document files. 01). Which key should be Pressed to start a new paragraph in MSWord? 02). In MS-Word,For What dose ruler help? 03). Ms. MICROSOFT WORD Multiple Choice Questions: · 1. How many different positions can you set for drop cap? · 2. How many ways you can save a document? · 3. What is.

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Ms -Word automatically moves the text to the next line when it eaches the right edge of the screen нажмите для продолжения is called?

Accidently you happened to make a mistake while working with your document. What short-Cut key you will use to reverse the action? Thushan C. This is a multiple choice test. Click the Start Test button below to start.

A question and the possible answer choices appear. Select the choice you find to be the correct answer of the question. Clicking on a choice saves it as your answer for the question. Use Next and Back sord to move on to the next or previous question in the test. There is microsoft office word 2007 test questions free negative marking for wrong choices offive.

After you finish the test, click on the End Test button to submit your test and see your scorecard. You can review your answer also. Akash Polekar. Always welcome. Add a читать полностью. Post Suestions. Elaine St Clair. You need to spell-check your test! Atul Kumar. I like. Lynnette Martin-Thompson.

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Advanced Excel Course. JavaScript is disabled on your browser. Enable JavaScript to use this site. Learn More. Our Customers Testimonials. Case Studies Windows 10 xps viewer not working free Webinars. Partnerships Become a Reseller Become an Affiliate. Ms Office Online Test. Which key should be Pressed to start a new paragraph in MSWord? By default, on which page the header or the footer is Printed What is the file extension of a PowerPoint Slide show?

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Mar 21,  · Microsoft Word Quiz Test: Trivia! Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then Word Options. B. On the Mailings tab, click Start Mail Merge. C. On the Insert tab, click Quick Parts. Microsoft Word is the easiest and quickest to learn how to operate. During computer training, one thing you should know by now is how to use it. Languages Available – English (US) Average Testing Time – (minutes) 35 minutes. Maximum Number of Questions – 30 items. Designed for Unproctored Environment – Yes. Question Format – Simulation-Multiple choice. Measures knowledge of the following Microsoft Word 4 topics: Creating, Saving, and Printing Documents. Formatting Content. Mar 18,  · A. Click the arrow next to the Quick Access toolbar and select a command. B. Right Click a command and select add to quick access Toolbar. C. All of the above. A ___________ is a document that provides a preformatted layout for text and graphics, as well as some content. A.


Microsoft office word 2007 test questions free.Microsoft Word 2007 Quiz: Would You Pass IT?

Many employers test job candidates for Microsoft Word proficiency. Learn what format these tests take, and practice some example questions. Microsoft Word is used for word-processing and is part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications. It’s used principally for creating and. 01). Which key should be Pressed to start a new paragraph in MSWord? 02). In MS-Word,For What dose ruler help? 03). Ms.