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13 Best Free CPU Benchmark Software For Windows In .Windows 10 Pro vs Home: What’s the difference? | PC Gamer


Update Windows 10 and try again after a few hours. It can be challenging to work through all 12 Windows OS options to decide which one is right for your needs. All three mainstream versions are on this list and should give you the best choices for general computing or school.

Windows 11 is still in beta testing but comes in the same flavors as Windows It introduces some big visual changes like a new Start Menu, Taskbar, and more rounded corners — we compared Windows 11 to Windows 10 in a separate piece , if you want to learn more — but the core of Windows 11 is much the same. When it comes to Windows 11 editions, the differences are very minimal.

Everything we mentioned above also applies to the new Windows 11 operating system. There is, however, one exception. In Windows 11 Home, Microsoft mandates you to use a Microsoft account for login.

This can be removed once you set up the PC and add a secondary account, but it will be required the first time you boot up the system.

Using a Microsoft account gets you a lot of extra experiences like cross-device sync, the ability to download apps from the store, and more. Microsoft Teams may liven up meetings with casual game integration. Best Asus laptop deals for June The best tablets for Which should you buy? With Tesla bleeding money, Elon Musk initiates hardcore spending review. How to use Face ID on an iPhone. Everything we know about Slime Rancher 2.

Everything announced at Xbox Games Showcase Extended. Apple will stream all MLS games for a decade, starting in Trusted Boot protects your PC from rootkits and works in conjunction with Secure Boot to help keep your system malware free and in your control by checking every component of the startup process before loading it. Normally, we’d just say don’t run any suspicious files, but some people are curious.

Does that anonymous download that claims to fix performance actually work? Or is it malware masquerading as a useful program? You could install a virtualization solution and run the program in a sandbox so it won’t actually cause harm, or if you have Windows Pro you get that feature as part of the OS.

Hyper-V is a Windows-only hypervisor used for running virtual machines on CPUs that support virtualization. If you plan on running VMs, this feature might be worth the cost of Pro, but if virtualization is all you need, there are free products like Virtualbox that offer more features and work with multiple operating systems. While Hyper-V is included with your Windows 10 Pro license, it needs to be downloaded and installed separately.

Aside from the above features, there are some other differences between the two versions of Windows. Other features like group policy management, Assigned Access, and the ability to join a domain are unlikely to be very useful outside of the workplace. HWMonitor is PC benchmark software that visualizes the make and model of hardware components in your PC and displays certain parameters live. These parameters include power consumption, fan speeds, utilization percentage, clock speeds, and temperature.

This can be crucial, as issues like an overheating component in your PC can lead to frequent PC crashes. HWMonitor’s simple interface also makes all values easy to view and understand. Of course, you can also save this information for further troubleshooting via the File option. SiSoftware Sandra Lite is a fully-featured benchmark suite aimed at users who are very well informed about the inner workings of their computers and for businesses that need to perform a detailed analysis on multiple computers.

Want to test your computer’s memory bandwidth? No problem. Want to benchmark network performance? Want to benchmark your computer’s power efficiency? Yes, Sandra does that as well. Another useful feature of SiSoftware Sandra Lite is its online reference database.

SiSoft Sandra will benchmark your component or online connection and then compare your performance with other similar processors to give you a better idea of how an upgrade may or may not help you. From the creators of CCleaner, Piriform’s Speccy is a favorite among the gaming community for its simple layout of a PC’s hardware configuration. Once it’s open, Speccy will provide a thorough rundown of every component, and most drivers, currently available on your PC. If you click on the individual parameters on the left-hand side of the window, you’ll get even more information concerning your specific hardware, including temperature, voltage, fan speeds, and more.

Download: Speccy for Windows Free. Fraps is the de facto FPS benchmarking tool in every gamer’s arsenal. Easy to use and configure, Fraps will allow users to view and save their FPS ratings over time.


Windows 10 Home vs. Pro vs. S Mode | Digital Trends

PC Gaming, Application & Storage Benchmarks Today we’re talking our first real look at Windows 11 performance with some Intel Core processors. Some system information may be unavailable or display incorrectly if not Run as Administrator. *Advanced Test Suite free for 30 days. For the majority of users, Windows 10 Home edition will suffice. If you use your PC strictly for gaming, there is no benefit to stepping up to.